Get Safe Campaign

Just before the summer holidays we run Swim England’s Get Safe campaign. Each year, approximately 450 people drown each year in the UK. Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death for children in the UK. The majority of these children are young boys.

At The Sussex Swim School we incorporate water safety into our lessons throughout the year. During the Get Safe Campaign we show the children how important it is to be safe and sensible around water. They are taught how to perform rescues safely, without getting themselves into danger. We use all sorts of different articles to perform the rescues, encouraging the children to participate and use their imaginations. Once they have watched a few rescues, they all have the opportunity to join in and rescue each other. 

Our pupils always have a lot of fun participating in Swim England’s Get Safe Campaign whilst learning all about the dangers posed by water. The parents learn a lot from these sessions too. With our unique swimming lessons and safety campaigns, we know we are providing our pupils with very important life skills.

Each child receives a special Swim England Get Safe certificate and a fun wrist slapper for participating in the Get Safe Campaign.

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Royal Life Saving Society